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Upon entering the buliding you will be welcomed by a warm and inviting environment for you and your pet.  We provide plenty of space for your pet to feel comfortable, as well as a children's play area with toys and books.  We also provide a comfort station with water, coffee and tea.


You will be greeted by our friendly receptionists who will be happy to assist you in a variety of ways.  They will help you schedule appointments, fill prescriptions and provide educational materials.  If you are arriving for an appointment, they will weigh your pet on our convenient floor scale. 

A veterinary technician or assistant will invite you into one of our three exam rooms and will take a brief but complete history to help the doctor prepare for your pet's physical examination.  All of the exam rooms are equipped with diagnostic tools to help the doctor perform their exams.  A variety of educational materials are provided to help explain certain conditions and ailments that may affect your pet.

State of the art lab equipment allows our staff to perform specific diagnostic profiles that will allow our doctors to evaluate your pet's condition at the time of the examination.  This information is vital for the doctor to provide a detailed treatment plan that is specific to your pet's case.  These tests include complete blood counts, blood chemistries, urinalyses, and cytologies.


Our hospital mantains a fully stocked pharmacy with everything from oral medications and ointments, to injectable medications.  Specially flavored medications can be ordered for finicky pets.  Our doctors take pride in researching the newest products available and offer the most appropriate for each situation.

The treatment area serves several roles within the dynamic of the hospital.  It is used to provide an additional space for doctors to perform diagnostics and basic treatments.  Pets are prepped for surgical procedures, and the hospital's intensive care and patient recovery area is located here.

The surgery suite provides the doctors with the sterile environment required for surgical procedures.  Advanced monitoring devices, such as pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, body tempurature and apnea monitors are housed in this suite as well.  Isoflurane is used as our inhalant anesthetic, and is one of the safest anesthetics available.

Our x-ray facilities allow us to take digital radiographs for a variety of purposes.  In addition to the diagnostic value in sick or injured pets, we also work with area breeders who perform screening x-rays to look for possible conformation abnormalities.  Once x-rays are taken they are developed immediately in our on site processor.

We provide separate kennel facilities for our dogs and cats to help reduce stress while staying with us.  The canine kennels (shown above left 1&2) offer different size cages to accommodate all size dogs, inlcuding three large runs for the biggest patients.  The kennel space that houses our special felines (shown above right 3&4) is it's own room tucked off in a corner to reduce noise and traffic around our recovering patients.

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